Artist Information

Corrina Dykins (aka Cree) is the lead artist at Creeations and has been painting on a professional basis since 2005. She has won many awards for her work (most notable being Face Painter of the Year 2008) and is dedicated to raising the standard of face painting as a whole.

Cree has also had her work published in emagazines, magazines and a step-by-step face painting book.

Having had her fair share of the face painting "spotlight", Cree decided a long time ago, to paint for pleasure rather than recognition and is a lot happier in her work as a result. She is pictured here (on the left) with her daughter and long-suffering model!

Face Painter of The Year 2008 Entry and Some Published Works

Illusion and Friends Step by Step Face Painting Books

Pet Portraits

Cree also paints on canvas! Primarily, pet portraits but other commissions will be considered. Please visit her recently launched website


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